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    Mark your calendar for June 25, 2016!

Join us on June 25, 2016 for this year’s Zack 5K!

The Zack 5K is an informal 5K (3.1 miles) completed on the same day by participants all over the globe to raise money for high school and college scholarships, given in the name of our departed friend Zack Warfield. Deserving students benefit from participants who walk, run, bike, climb, swim and kayak… explore the site and join in a global community doing good for themselves and others!

About The Day

Homepage-Day-280x200Join hundreds of people all over the world by covering 3.1 miles on June 25th. Upload a picture to Facebook or email it to us at z5k@zack5k.org and become a part of a global community… all to raise money for deserving students! Learn more >

Start An Event

MB-Event-280x200Wherever you live, and whether you’d like to run, walk, bike or kayak, you can participate in this year’s Z5K! Past events have occurred on six continents, and in hundreds of locations- gather up some friends and start your own this year!

Get A Shirt

Homepage-Shirt-280x200100% of shirt proceeds go to the Scholarship Fund. Be on the lookout for this year’s version- we’ll let you know as details become available. We think it’s the best one yet! Learn more >